Our Vision

Help struggling individuals and communities by providing lucrative employment, job training, and growth opportunities

Life can be tough.

More difficult than you could ever have imagined when you were young. Lonely. Humiliating. Impossibly complicated. Miserable! Agonizing! Terrifying! So intolerable at times that you don't know how you are going get through the next day; maybe not even the next hour. So messed up that your whole soul screams, "Give up!".

But you don't give up. You can't. Somehow you manage to make it through the crisis—battered and scarred and hurting but still subsisting. Things start to look up. And then the next disaster hits. And you go through the whole cycle again. And again.

I've been there. Over and over.

I've experienced bitter poverty. Severe depression. Hunger. Heartache. Unbearable pain. Rejection. Accidents. Betrayal. Persecution. Injustice. Discrimination. Abuse. I've been through life-threatening illness, the death of a child, layoffs, foreclosure, business failures, theft of property, and much more.

Yet here I remain, by the grace of God, somehow still standing.

I know I'm neither unique nor alone in my experience.

The fact that you're reading this tells me that you've been through similar hard times (or are still in the midst of them) too.

You understand very well what I am talking about. You've seen it in your own life as well as in the lives of your loved ones.

And you want to do something about it.

Depending on your situation, you are either looking for help, or you desire to help others. Perhaps both!

You're a lot like me.

If you are currently struggling, you are searching for someone who can assist you.

Otherwise, you are interested in helping someone else. Just as I am.

My greatest desire is to provide relief to others who are struggling and suffering as I have done.

Don't get me wrong. Adversity can be a good thing.

I understand that suffering is a necessary and important part of life. Hard as they have been, my trials have made me the person I am and overcoming them has been crucial to the success I eventually experienced.

It is not my desire or intention to prevent people from ever experiencing sorrow and suffering. To do so, if it were even possible, would also prevent them from experiencing victory, progress, and true joy.

But there comes a time when people need to be rescued.

Each of us at some point, after all we can do on our own, must rely on the help of someone else.

I want to be that someone else.

How about you?

That's why I founded Opzor.

Our goal is to help struggling individuals lift themselves out of poverty and despair by providing lucrative employment, job training, and growth opportunities.

If you agree with our vision, we we invite you to join us! Contact us to learn more or offer your services. We truly look forward to conversing with you!

Jared Sorensen, Founder