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First Project Selected: PakTrak™

December 28, 2019

PakTrak™ is an affordable, easy-to-use warehouse management software package designed for small businesses that carry inventory. The core product handles basic picking, packaging, shipping, and restocking operations. The product is designed to easily integrate with other software to enhance its capabilities. Plug-ins may be purchased separately to incorporate such additional features as inventory control, employee assignments, sales tracking, and more.

We have chosen PakTrak™ as our first major project because it is a useful, proven product that is easy to understand and simple in structure, with unlimited potential for expansion. New developers can quickly come up to speed and become "app czars" as they learn the basics of PakTrak™ and work on new plug-ins.

To learn more about PakTrak™ and see a demo, visit

First Community Selected: Ephraim, Utah

December 16, 2019

The small but vibrant community of Ephraim seems to be a perfect fit for our first venture. This town of about 6,000 people is the home of Snow College, a public community college with about 4,000 students, that offers a new bachelor of science program in Software Engineering. Upper-level students in this program are required to work 12 hours per week in a related internship; however, high-tech companies are few and far between in Sanpete County. Some students are traveling nearly 100 miles to find suitable positions. And few graduates remain in the area because of the lack of employment opportunities. Utah State University also maintains an extension campus in Ephraim, and offers computer science degrees. As we interview local residents and university staff about the needs in the area, the number one response is always "We need jobs!".

Another reason Ephraim is ideal is that the entire city is designated as an Opportunity Zone under the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. This means that investors can receive substantial tax breaks by putting eligible capital into businesses in the area that qualify as Opportunity Funds. The longer those funds remain invested, the greater the tax breaks. It is our intention to certify as a Qualified Opportunity Fund.